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Manufacturer of quality shoes for men, including classic dress shoes, ankle boots, and fashionable sneakers. All footwear is entirely made in Italy by local workers. Experienced with Private Label service

Servigliano (Fermo)
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Brand of men's and ladeies shoes and boots, for the middle and high market, in trendy and casual styles. Large selections of fine footwear models with Fabiano Ricci and Lericci brand name. Private Label available on request

Monte Urano (Fermo)

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Luxury Brand

Manufacturer of luxury high-quality leather shoes for men, entirely handmade in Italy by local master artisans. One-of-a-kind footwear that can be customized even with leather laser-engraving. Private label available for low quantities

Montegranaro (Fermo)

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Luxury Brand

Brand of luxury men's shoes entirely made in Italy by local artisans, making use of high quality materials and accessories. Great dress shoes for men

Chieti Scalo (Chieti)
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Luxury Brand

Distributor of high quality leather shoes for men, in a large assortment of classic and casual models, including dress shoes and sneakers. All footwear is entirely made in Italy, making using of quality materials and accessories. Experienced with Private Label service

Montegranaro (Fermo)
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Manufacturer and brand of exclusive men's shoes in classic and fashionable elegant styles. Our footwear is entirely made in Italy by highly-skilled local workers using high-quality materials. Private Label available

Aversa (Caserta)
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Manufacturer of a broad range of quality men's shoes made in Italy by experienced local workers. Our footwear includes fantastic dress shoes, loafers, sneakers, and exclusive, elegant shoes. Private Label available to qualified partners

Montegranaro (Fermo)

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Luxury Brand

Brand of exclusive handpainted sneakers and high top sneakers for men. Each pair of leather sneakers is designed and entirely made in Italy, then handpainted by an artist based near Venice, with superb designs and colors. Private Label available.

Fiesso d'Artico (Venezia)
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True Italy products

Manufacturer of casual handmade comfort men's shoes, entirely made in Italy from the finest materials. Several models also available for Private Label

Penna San Giovanni (Macerata)
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Brand of men's shoes in large and unusual sizes: broad assortment of classic and fashionable shoes for men, including trendy sneakers. Excellent choice for specialty shoe shops and resellers, excellent value for money

Castelnuovo di Porto (Roma)
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Luxury Brand

Brand of high quality, luxury men's shoes entirely made in Italy by local highly-skilled artisans.Moccasin Shoes costruction. Classic leather shoes for men offering the best in italian elegance. Private Label available to qualified partners.

Camponogara (Venezia)


Manufacturer of high-quality men's leather shoes in a variety of classic, casual and sporty models, including elegant sneakers. Great experience in Private Label service for qualified brands

Collepasso (Lecce)

Luxury Brand

Atelier offering handmade luxury men's shoes, also bespoke shoes, entirely handmade in Italy by very experienced artisans. Very high quality men footwear available in a large selection of styles, leather types, and colors. Offers also matching leather belts. Private Label available to upscale boutiques

Saronno (Varese)


Luxury Brand

Emerging brand of luxury men's shoes in classic models, best matching for elegant suits and formalwear. Men footwear entirely made in Italy from the finest leathers and materials

Mogliano Veneto - Zerman (Treviso)


Luxury Brand

Manufacturer of high quality elegant men shoes, including dress shoes and ankle boots. All our exclusive footwear is entirely handmade in Italy by local artisans. Made-to-measure shoes and Private label service are available.

Porto San Giorgio (Fermo)



Distributor of a large range of quality men shoes, mostly fashion sneakers, but also elegant dress shoes in classic styles. All footwear is made in italy by local shoe manufacturers. Private Label available

Potenza Picena (Macerata)



Brand of an extensive range of fashionable and elegant shoes for men, including dress shoes, mocassins, exclusive sneakers, and loafers. All shoes (for both spring/summer and fall/winter) are entirely made in Italy using top-notch materials. Private Label available

Monsummano Terme (Pistoia)


Manufacturer of high quality men's shoes in a large range of dress shoes, ceremony shoes and luxury sneakers, made from the finest leather and materials. All footwear is entirely made in Italy and sold under the prestigious brand CARLO PIGNATELLI

Sant'Elpidio a Mare (Fermo)



Manufacturer of high quality men shoes, in classic and unformal styles, made from leather or sturdy canvas. All footwear is manufactured in Italy by local workers. Long experience in Private Label and custom collections

Aversa (Caserta)



Brand of one-of-a-kind men's sneakers, entirely made in Italy and enriched by exclusive precious oriental fabrics and materials. Our iconic sneakers are available in limited quantities

Bologna (Bologna)


Low Cost

Manufacturer of sandals and slippers for men, in a large range of models and styles. Our footwear is made in Italy and sold at an excellent value for money. Private Label available


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